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Web & Digital Media

Developing a website these days can seem pretty simple and straightforward, but we at The Media Heroes can do so much more. Our proven techniques have led to enhanced sales growth and leads generation. Keep it simple. Let The Media Heroes make it easy for your website to be truly state of the art.

Having a well-designed and properly developed website is one part of having a successful online strategy. The following methods will
make your website more engaging and improve results.

Website Must Haves

Focus your website content on your customers, not your business or products, to get the best results. This involves using your content to show you understand your customer’s needs, challenges, or desires, and that your products or services are the solution. Our team of expert copywriters will help you achieve this. Also, our team will make sure everything is relevant to your customers including images and videos. Other content strategies we use include focussing on benefits rather than features, telling stories to give your content more relevance to the user, and making sure there is no repetition or superfluous sentences. In addition, our copywriters are mindful of SEO when creating content to make sure crucial phrases are included, wherever possible.

Most designers use images and video trying to make your website attractive. The Media Heroes do more than play dress up. Our media improves the user experience, builds trust in your brand and moves the customer closer to a buying decision. The Media Heroes believe in using real images of your company, people, and products rather than stock images, when possible. Authentic, relatable, informative, and professionally produced videos along with well-designed info-graphics can significantly improve the quality of your website and the experience of your audience.

Calls to action are an essential part of almost all successful websites. They are helpful to the user as they show the user what you want them to do next. Without a call to action, this might not always be clear or the user might browse away from your website putting the sale at risk. It is not enough to simply have calls to action on your website, however. It is also important that those calls to action are compelling. Our team has extensive experience of creating compelling calls to action plus we have tested different buttons, phrases, positions, and colors. We know what works so you will get the best possible results.

One common mistake on many company websites is to only have sales-related content, i.e. every page promotes the business, products, or service. This does not maximize engagement levels, though. After all, not everyone visiting your website is ready to buy immediately. Also, they will not always be familiar with your brand. A blog gives you the opportunity to establish and build trust with your audience. It also enables you to start a discussion, particularly if you allow comments or promote your blogs on social media. In addition, a blog will bring additional traffic to your website from search engines, social media shares, and links on other websites. The Media Heroes helps you with this process by creating a blog on your website, plus we can manage it by creating and promoting the content.

Social media can help you reach new audiences, build closer relationships with your customers, and increase the visibility of your brand. Our website development team will integrate your social media channels with your website to make it easy for visitors to follow you. In addition, we can help you integrate your website marketing and social media strategies so they work towards the same overall goal of increasing conversions for your business.

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