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Community Outreach

  • Connect with your community using the latest communication tools
  • Grow your organization & raise funds
  • Create two-way communications with your followers and volunteers
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Community Outreach

Everything you need to lead your organization and connect to the community. Communication tools including custom websites, email, social media, and texting.

Our Process and deployment

Whether it is your first rodeo, or if you a veteran in your field, The Media Heroes works to help your for-profit, non-profit, your political or social campaign communications.

We will listen to your needs to build a custom website and produce content that will connect with your community via expertly targeted emails, texting software and social media platforms. We also set up the tools you need to accept donations and raise funds…all done for you by The Media Heroes.

Learning centre for Community Outreach

May 7th, 2020

G20 invite

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